Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Recently I celebrated my twenty-fourth birthday. This guy right here made it the 

On Saturday, I went to the Women's Broadcast of General Conference and when I came home this is what I found. . .

 Keiton is always trying to surprise me, and by celebrating my birthday a day early he caught me completely off guard. He wanted to make sure I never saw it coming, so imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw my favorite treats, sparking cider and tickets to Lion King! He made my birthday-eve the best night ever!!


It had been a really crazy week so it was nice just to take a few days off and just have family time! And of course eat lots of yummy food! 


On my actual birthday we went down to my parents house. My mom made my favorite food, Cafe Rio Salads and Cheesecake. It was DELICIOUS! I love that we live so close to them and that she gets to spend so much time with them! My parents are the best and it is fun to hang out with the Monroe Clan. 

Earlier in the week we decided to blow off some homework and go to Olive Garden instead. I love their desserts and I really love that it is free on your birthday! Baby Girl didn't love the singing, it kind of freaked her out 😂


On birthday-eve we celebrated by going to Black Bear Diner and it was SO good! I LOVE their pancakes so instead of writing a 5 page paper we procrastinated a little longer to have a delicious breakfast.

I am so grateful to have a husband who helps me to have fun no matter how stressful life is.  He is really good at taking a step back and enjoying the little things in life. I don't know how I lucked out to find him, but I'm sure glad I did! 

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