Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Can you even believe it? Homegirl is getting SO big! 

Baby Girl's personality is coming through more and more each day and she is so interactive! She absolutely loves "joining the conversation," when ever Keiton and I are talking she babbles and screeches because she thinks she is so big 😂 She smiles 100% of the time and is a complete dream! (Except around 1 AM, she is always hungry and definitely thinks it's the end of the world) 

Her new favorite thing to do is giggle.  We were at Walmart the other day and she giggled at everything. It was one of those adorable laughs that can make anyone smile. We had people around us smiling and laughing and she was loving the extra attention. I was laughing so hard because she apparently she thought her jokes were hilarious, it was SO cute!


Baby Girl makes being a mom the best job in the entire world! She brings so much joy and happiness into our lives! Her smile melts my heart and my favorite thing in the whole world is seeing her face as she lights up when she sees me or Keiton.  She makes life so much fun and I love seeing her excitement for the little things in life 💕

She is definitely my daughter because her new favorite thing is Mickey Mouse.  She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she gets SO excited every time she see her Mickey stuffed animal. I took her with me to Disney On Ice with the Dockstader Girls and she absolutely LOVED it! Disney girl through and through. 


Baby Girl is adorable and I can't imagine our life without her! 

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