Wednesday, March 8, 2017


This little lady is half a year old! 

I still have a hard time believing it was six months ago she joined our family. Time has flown by so fast!  I feel like I blinked and she went from a tiny, cuddly, precious newborn to the wiggly, playful, smiley baby she is now.  Seriously, I need to stop blinking because I want her to stay little forever!

She now weighs 17.4 pounds, 65 percentile.
27 inches long, 82 percentile.
She still has a big melon, 17 inch head circumference, 93 percentile. 💕💕

This has been my favorite stage by far! She LOVES to play!  She is a chatterbox, cooing all the time. She thinks it's hilarious to coo back and forth with people.  Peek-a-boo makes her giggle so hard we have to take a little breather 😂  Her absolute favorite toy is her stuffed animal raccoon.  She also loves her baby doll and to chew on everything she can get her hands on.

She is fascinated by hands, especially her own.  She loves to sit and watch her little thumbs wiggle.  She has cut her first two teeth! Her bottom two teeth popped up the other day, we learned when she bit Keiton.  

Homegirl LOVES foods!  She is a great little eater, sweet potatoes and apples are still her favorite. She pulls a disgusted face when she eat peas and green beans but she continues to eat most of the jar! When we make her bottle her little face lights up and she get SO EXCITED! 

Baby Girl loves to be on the go.  She loves going on walks and seeing the world around her. She is beautiful and brings us so much joy! It is crazy just how much we love this little stinker!  

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