Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I decided it’s time!. . . I have always wanted to get into blogging and now with the wedding around the corner and all our crazy adventures to come, I figured this is a good way to stay connected with our friends and family that are spread out all over the country. So here you go. . .  here’s our story <3

It’s crazy just how busy life can get! Right now, I am working full time and trying to get everything ready for August 8th and we are up to our heads with purple decorations,literally!  The “wedding room” has exploded making it the “wedding house.” Picture frames, lanterns, center pieces, fabric, you name, it if it’s purple it’s in the Monroe’s home right now ;) It’s in the heart of this craziness that I have to take a step back and think about just how blessed I really am!  So I am going to go back-- reflect just a little bit on mine and Keiton’s story and how we got to where we are today!

We are both BYU students and we met at the wonderful Alta apartments!  On Sunday evenings our ward has ward prayer, or “ward stare” as Keiton likes to call it, ya it’s as weird and awkward as it sounds. . . But hey it worked for us!  That was the first time we met. Keiton sat by me and my cousin Kelsey and invited us to his apartment for a game night.  It must have been a pretty good night because the next week he asked me on our first date.  It was a classic BYU date, bowling, pool, pop ‘n sweets but it’s ok I’ve forgiven him for that because we had SO much fun and we stayed up pretty much all night just talking and laughing.  Things kind of took off from there.  We started going on “adventures” every night when we would get home from class.  All of the sudden we weren’t just going on dates at night, we started spending all day together too- lunch dates, study dates we even took a road trip to Manti.  It was happening, as much as I tried to deny it at first, we were falling in love!

It happened so fast and so naturally, it was like I couldn’t even remember what my life was like without Keiton in it.  My whole life changed forever when Keiton picked me up on April 10th, I thought we were just going on a picnic with his brother Aaron, sister-in-law Kayle and their kids.  We drove to Midway and found a beautiful bridge with lights all over, we had a few minutes to kill before they would get there, so Keiton and I locked a lock on this bridge and threw the key into the water, right then the lights turned on and “Thinking Out Loud” started playing.  I was so surprised when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! Hands down the best surprise EVER!!

We are just so excited for August 8th! I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the entire world because not only do I get to marry my best friend in the entire world but I am seriously marrying the most amazing guy EVER! I am so grateful that through the Priesthood Power families can be together FOREVER!!!! Knowing that makes me the happiest girl <3