Thursday, April 6, 2017

One of those days.

Yesterday was one of those days... 
Baby Girl woke up at 4 AM, threw up, and the day just spiraled down-hill from there.

Unexpected things like that always seem to happen at the worst possible time. With finals creeping up our mindset is on school because we are absolutely bombarded right now. Keiton has had a few late nights on campus, finishing up projects and preparing for presentations and that is always hard for me.  We make a great team and we are better when we are together.  Keiton has a great way of keeping me clam so the fact that I have eight papers due in the next two weeks and that I was putting  Baby Girl to bed by myself increased my stress a ton.

Baby Girl proceeded to throw up two more times. My mommy mind took over and all I wanted to do was hold that sweet little girl.  Putting off the ten page research paper that is due in less than a week yet again...

Sometimes I think, it is just not possible, there is not enough hours to finish everything for school in two weeks.  It seems like these unexpected things keep popping up more and more making everyday feel like one of those days.

We haven't been to the grocery store in weeks, our dinners consist of a lot of fast food or throwing whatever is in the pantry together.  Let me tell you, we have had a ton of interesting meals!  Our apartment isn't clean and life isn't going how I had envisioned it but somehow we are making it through just fine.

I read a quote by Benjamin Franklyn that says:
"Some people grumble because God placed thorns among roses. Why not thank God because He placed roses among thorns?"

We have learned that we just have to laugh at our crazy life and trust that somehow everything will get done. That was hard to do after we had broken our cardinal rule of not letting Baby Girl sleep in our bed and then she threw up everywhere. But now with a little time, and Baby Girl feeling a ton better, we think it is hilarious.

Right now we are in survive mode and we just can't wait for this semester to be over!! Life is a beautiful chaotic mess but we wouldn't change it for the world! While there is so much that is stressing us out at the moment, holding us together are all of the good things we have been blessed with and that is what we try to spend our energy focusing on.


This little girl! She ALWAYS puts a smile on our faces, no matter how stressed out we are.

And date night!

Like I said, Keiton and I make a great team and no matter how stressed I am, he has a way of calming me down, helping me to laugh and see that there is way more to be happy then upset about. I lucked out with this one!

Wish us luck as we finish up this semester! We need all the help we can get 😂