About Us

Keiton + Alli = <3

We are both students at Brigham Young University.

Keiton is studying business and is going to change the world someday.  Keiton served a mission in Lithuania (it's in the Baltic States by Russia- don't worry I didn't know where it was either) He loves soccer, Star Valley, Lithuania, riding four wheelers, spaghetti, and fixing things. . . really anything that he can use his hands.

I am studying Family Studies with the family services emphasis hoping to eventually become a marriage and family therapist.  I served a mission in Leeds, England where for a while I got to work with students from China! I love crafts, shopping, England, Disneyland, music, baking and decorating.

We got married August 2015 in the Payson Utah temple!  Now we have are living out our dreams with a beautiful baby girl!  She keeps us VERY busy (as if school didn't do that already) but she brings us so much joy!

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