Monday, October 24, 2016


Time is a crazy thing. The 9 months I was pregnant time went by SO SLOW,  something about the throwing up all the time and swollen ankles made the clock seem to be moving at snail pace.  And waiting those 3 days after her due date made time seem like it was frozen! But somehow the universe has made up for that time by moving at double speed the past two months.  Seriously, when did this cutie get so big?! She is officially 2 months old and life with a baby is getting easier.  I don't feel like I am in a haze as much and we have our routine down.  She wakes up usually once during the night and as long as she is fed, she is a happy camper!  She smiles all the time and loves to hear her mommy and daddy's voices. And she is even holding her head up quite a bit!  


We took her to the doctor for her 2 month check up.  It is a good thing she had no idea what was about to happen because I was a nervous wreck! I was so sad that she was about to get shots and it didn't help that we had to wait over an hour to see the doctor, that just gave me way too much time to sit in anticipation.  When the time came she screamed for all of 10 seconds.  It definitely was not as bad as I had imagined.  Honestly she cried longer when I had to put her clothes back on and strap her in her car seat. Oh and when we took off the bandaids, she was not too happy with us then :( Baby is gaining weight really and now weights 12.5 pounds and is 23.5 inches and she is in the 99 percentile for head circumference.  We love that giant head of hers!

    We had some more firsts this week- the first time she made it through all 3 hours of church! Sacrament meeting was a little rough, she vomited all over me and her but that is nothing new so a few handy wipes later and we were good to go!  The kids in our primary class were all over her, which kind of gave me a heart attack so at signs of the first sneeze Keiton took her out and I finished teaching the class.  And Keiton and I finally went to the temple! I had been nervous about leaving her so long without any way to check up on her, but we got over that we finally got to the temple.  After a few failed attempts, leaving temple recommends and nearly missing the session, we left the hectic stress of the world behind for a couple of hours and got to focus on the Savior.  We entered seeking answers and left completely full of peace.  The perfect way to end our week.     

And if you couldn't tell, we are SO excited for baby's first Halloween!!



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