Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Five Minutes of Fame

Oh my gosh. . This was an INSANE CRAZY week!! Keiton had a recruiting trip for the BYU Business School up in Seattle and Portland.  He had to fly out really early Wednesday morning and came back Saturday morning, BYU puts so much pressure on getting a summer internship it is very intense. . . But it was ok because I got to spend my whole week with my favorite little person and it was hard but we had a blast!


I hate being away from Keiton and it was really hard this time being alone with our 7 week old baby. My heart goes out to single mom's honestly I don't know how they do it.  I couldn't so I spent those 3 days at my parents house and what got me through was reminiscing, family, and abandoning my parenting goals.

My camera roll has more than doubled since having Baby Girl! Seriously she is so cute so I am constantly taking pictures.  I was going through all of the pictures and I was reminded about the cool experience we had in the hospital, I had totally forgotten about the camera crew (understandable, I was still getting off the pain killers haha).  KSL was doing a segment on "Baby Your Baby" and they asked us if they could film our little girl. I had just given birth, seriously less than 2 hours previously, but the camera crew cam in and filmed the nurse giving baby her first ever bath!  I went back and watched it and I was filled with all the feelings!  She was so tiny and it brought me back to one of the best days of my life! A day that my heart was overflowing and I was completely overwhelmed by the tiny miracle she is!  So check it out- here's the link Five Minutes of Fame! Adorable right?!

We have been so blessed to get so many cute hand-me-downs from cousins!  Baby has so many cute halloween outfits so my mom and I decided to have a photoshoot!  Doesn't she make your heart melt?! This definitely helped me get through the week when I was missing my husband so much.  Having a little girl is SO MUCH FUN! She is such a little doll and I am obsessed with dressing her up and taking a million pictures!


But really it is so nice to have family so close, I don't know what I would do with out my mom! Having a baby has brought me so much closer to my family.  I was blessed with the best family and this week was so great because baby had 4 additional people loving her all day and night.  Sometimes I didn't even get her because my mom, dad, brother and sister were all fighting over her.  


My mom, Emily, baby and I had a much needed girl's night full of my favorite things, ice cream and cheesy chick-flicks. It was so fun because I got to watch the movies I wanted to watch and didn't have Keiton's disgusted look when I wanted to watch Hallmark movies and A Cinderella Story (for the billionth time)!  

So Keiton is pretty big about not letting baby sleep in our bed. . . But hey, he was gone and what he doesn't know won't hurt him ;) I was so tired so she got to sleep in our bed and look how content she was.  She also slept through the night for the first time ever so we both won :)  Even though it was great to have a week of mommy/daughter time, we were both SO glad when daddy got home <3 <3

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