Monday, October 10, 2016


Baby's BIG day!  On Sunday we had the great opportunity to bless our little girl.  We were so excited to give her a blessing in a church that means so much to myself and Keiton surrounded by our friends and family!  Because this day was so important to us there was a lot of anticipation building up to it.  Saturday night, she didn't sleep. At all.  I was up with her from 2-4:30 and Keiton was up with her from 4:30-6:30.  Then we had to be up at 7 so we could get going and have everything ready for the blessing.  I was exhausted and so worried she was going to be cranky all day. It isn't like her to be up during the night so I had no idea how she would act the next day and that made me a little anxious. . . We truly are at the mercy of our baby, if she is hungry the world stops and we feed her.  So I had no idea how this event was going to go down.  We needed her to be fed and happy by 1pm so Keiton and our Priesthood holding family members could give her the blessing.  Sounds easy right? Wrong.  She had to be in her beautiful dress, which was the dress my mom and I wore when we were blessed as babies by 12:30.  So that meant she needed to be fed at least by 12 because she is a SPIT UP MACHINE and we didn't want the dress to be soaked before we even got to church.  So that meant she needed to start eating around 11:30 because she eats for 20-30 minutes. . but this Baby has a mind of her own so when my schedule didn't work I was just hoping everything would work out.  And by some miracle, everything was perfect!

We got to church a little early and baby fell asleep.  She was so peaceful.  Then Keiton gave her the most beautiful blessing. She was surrounded by Priesthood holders and I felt the Spirit so strong confirming to me how much love our Heavenly Father has for her.  I could feel how important she is to Heavenly Father, that He is interested in her well-being and, that wants to bless her with many blessings.  It was the most beautiful feeling of love and complete happiness.

I had been so worried that she would scream through the blessing, but she was SO calm.  Keiton brought her back and she was wake and very alert but very quiet. And we successfully made it through the meeting!  What a relief!! Then we all went back to my parents house and had a lunch.  I am always amazed at how blessed we are to have such a supportive family.  We were surrounded by our friends and family and it was such a fun day! 

The Monroe's <3  

The Dockstader's <3 

It was the perfect day and we were surrounded by the most amazing, supportive, awesome family EVER!!!!

David & Jada's family <3 

Richard & Melanie's family<3

Mark & Jill's family <3

Bert & Julie's family <3

Scott and Charlene's Family <3

Kelsey & Craig <3

Mary & Emily <3

*There are quite a few families and friends we missed.  It was really crazy at the luncheon!  Baby girl has too much support ;)

Baby wore the dress that my mom and I were both blessed in <3 

I LOVE this little family of mine <3 <3 

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