Monday, January 30, 2017


Baby Girl was surrounded by friends and in complete heaven this week! 
My parents were on a cruise so we stayed in Spanish Fork with Emily.

It was the best because she would go to bed surrounded by her Auntie Em and Uncle Spencer, who spoil her rotten. Then she would wake up and once again they were there to dote over her.

She wasn't even upset about it.

It was a tough week though. Baby spent the second half of the week not sleeping AT ALL. So we were so tired and on top of that we were juggling school, homework, Baby L, and driving Emily around.

I've been a mom for 5 months, but this was the most "momish" I have ever felt.  When I think about moms I think of my own amazing mom, who spent most of her time in a car driving us three kids everywhere. Well, I definitely got my feel of the car. I listened to Nicholas Spark's book Two by Two audiotape and got through half of it.

Needless to say between all of that driving and this cute girl, I didn't get anything productive done the whole week.

 I wasn't even upset about it.

In all of the chaos, my knight and shining armor was there. Keiton is always there to make me laugh and be my rock. 

I adore these two, they are my whole world!!

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