Wednesday, January 25, 2017


It's crazy to think I spent 5 months straight throwing up and nauseous while I was pregnant with Baby Girl.  Those 5 months were the slowest months of my life.  Now that Baby Girl is here and five months I can't even believe it! Having her here has been the fastest months of my life!

Baby Girl was sick for the first time ever.  All three of us had a cold and poor Baby was coughing, sneezing and her nose would not stop running.

Keiton and I caved and bought a NoseFrida. Yep that's right folks, we sucked the boogers right out of her nose. We were disgusted with the thought but desperate for her to be able to breath so she would sleep longer than 2 hours at a time. The nasty thing is it works and we are converted- seriously the coolest baby invention 😬😬

Baby can balance!! She can't really sit up yet, but she is really good at balancing on our laps or if we put her hands out she will sit like a monkey for a while (until her head gets too heavy and she topples over 😂).

Baby LOVES to eat solids!!! She is a sweet potato girl 💕 She has also had carrots and bananas. She loves food too much to be picky so we haven't had any battles with her yet.  In fact, she only gets upset if we don't feed her fast enough.  

The walker is Baby Girl's favorite thing right now.  It plays annoying music and lights up, what is not to love??

It's hard to tell who loves to cuddle more, Baby Girl or her daddy.  Sometimes when she is upset, he is the ONLY one who can calm her down, I guess he has the magic touch.

5 months is so much fun! She LOVES to coo, sing and screech.  She is a wiggle worm who LOVES to play.  She is starting to get bored when there aren't toys or books around.  Bath time is her favorite because she loves to kick and see the water splashing around.  She is starting to sleep a little better at night again... HALLELUJAH 

She is SO happy most of the time.  Life is good, as long as she is not hungry or tired!

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