Tuesday, January 10, 2017

God Bless Texas

Nearly 24 hours of travel later, we finally made it to the blessed state of Texas!

Because Baby Girl was stubborn and needed a little help coming 3 days after her due date, she missed Meag's family when they were visiting over the summer. They were so excited to meet her and it was hard to tell who loved her most, Auntie Meag or the kids.   


There was no school, warm weather, family and lots and lots of food.  
It was the perfect vacation.

Originally we went to Austin to surprise family but we stayed for the food (kidding) but really guys the food in Texas is so dang good! 


While we were there we had the world family Round Rock Donuts, but it was nothing compared to Gourdoughs, which is a food truck right in the city of Austin.

Lots and lots of Tex-Mex, which was amazing! 

And what we were most excited for, Texas BBQ (sadly, we didn't take a picture). Keiton said that he thought he had tasted brisket before but it was NOTHING compared to the brisket we had in Texas.  Which makes sense because Keiton and Adam waited in line for over 2 hours at La Barbecue.

We were living the good life in Austin, even our experience at the movie theater was insane. 

We went to the dine in movie theater and with the touch of a button they brought us delicious food and would refill our Dr. Pepper.  Baby Girl slept and we ate our way through Rouge One. Even though I'm not a Star Wars fanatic, even I will admit that was one of my favorite movie experiences. 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was when Meag and I ventured out and had a girl's trip to Waco.  Home of Magnolia Farms and the birth place of Dr. Pepper.  This couldn't have been a more perfect place for me!



We were so sad to leave Meagan and her cute family.  They are so much fun to hang out with.  But our pants were getting tight so it was time to head back to our freezing reality.  Bummer. 


Aren't the McDavitt kids the cutest?

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