Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

It's crazy to think how much has changed in a year.

This time last year we announced on social media we were having a baby.  And now look at her, she is getting SO big!  I don't know what we did in our life before she came along.  I don't know how I filled my days without kissing those chubby cheeks a million times or tickling her chunky belly and listing to her adorable laugh.   

Now we have our little one and she makes everything in our little family feel complete.  Even as little as she is she makes holidays, even little ones, a lot more exciting.


Before Keiton, I never really cared about Valentine's Day.  I thought it was a fake holiday and dumb that we had to have a day to tell our loved ones we are thinking about them.  Now that I have my forever valentine, he has changed my mind!

One of the things I love about Keiton is that he is so good at telling me and showing me just how much he loves me every single day.  He is really great about randomly bringing home flowers, making me dinner, leaving notes around the house.  So Valentine's Day still isn't a super big deal, but I still get really excited because any chance I have to go on a date with with my love, I'll take it!  

Because of Keiton and Baby Girl, I have found myself getting a lot more into this "fake holiday." I had so much fun dressing Baby Girl up and taking Valentine's pictures and I even made an Oreo cake and heart shaped pizza. Yep, I have gotten mushy over the years, but we had SO much fun!


 It was the perfect night.  I am grateful for this fake holiday because we blew off all the homework we had and just had a fun night together.  Keiton got me flowers, we had dinner together, put Baby Girl to bed early and watched a movie together.  This weekend we are going to dress up fancy and go to dinner.  But I am so grateful that we get to celebrate this love all year, not just on February 14th.

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