Monday, November 14, 2016

Proud Wife Post

**proud wife post**  Our super big news. . . . Keiton got an internship with Honeywell!  I love BYU and I love the Marriott school, I think it is amazing that Keiton gets to study at one of the top Finance programs in the nation. It is awesome how the big prestigious companies come to BYU to recruit.  That being said there are quite a few things that drive me crazy about the Marriott school and one of them is summer internships.  There is SO much pressure to get an internship and we have been looking all semester for a good fit for our little family.  Well, this week Keiton accepted his offer and we are so excited the recruiting season is over for us! Hallelujah! Maybe we will get to see Keiton a little more (fingers crossed) ;) So we actually don't know where we will be going yet, but Keiton got to rank a few different cities.  Hopefully in a few weeks we will know where we have to pack up and move.  It could be anywhere from Charolette, New Jersey, Chicago, or randomly somewhere in Minnesota (we are hoping for an exciting adventure this summer so we are hoping for a big city!)  We are so excited and I am so proud of Keiton and the extreme hard work he has put in this semester even though it has been insane hard especially with a little one! 

So with that good news we have been floating on cloud 9, which is good because it has been a crazy week! Looking back at what has happened this week I am so overwhelmed at how blessed we are to have this cutie and I am convinced she is as perfect as babies come! I don't want to get political (even though I have a lot to say about that) because this blog is all about baby girl so friends and family can watch her grow. But wow lots has happened this week! Tuesday night, Keiton and I stayed up and watched the election.  It went on so long we switched over and watched a movie and turned back when things were getting more exciting. This was a big deal because lets be real, when baby goes to bed we go to bed.  We don't stay up past 11 like ever, so staying up until 1 in the morning was awful, I was BEYOND dead!  As I went to bed I was dreading having to wake up soon but to my great surprise baby not only slept through the night but she slept in!
That was awesome which made my experience at the Social Security Office such an awful contrast.  For some reason we never got baby's card after she was born and we had to submit it to her insurance this week, so I was super stressed and already dreading going to get it.  To make it worse, I walked in and it was PACKED! Seriously, I had to wait in a 20 minute line just to get a number! Overall such a stressful experience, there was a little boy there who would not leave baby alone.  This boy smelt as though he hadn't bathed in days and I had NO idea where his hands had been.  So I was trying to keep him out of her stroller.  She started crying and the whole room turned and were giving me dirty looks.  There were 4-5 people coughing their lungs out so I didn't want to get her out of her carseat.  But by a HUGE miracle I was able to calm her down and she fell asleep and stayed asleep while I waited and waited.  Those 5 minutes were so stressful but I am so grateful she is such a good baby and that she calmed down because those people were not understand and if looks could kill then we would have been in trouble!  It took over 2 and half hours and my mom ended up coming to get baby girl because I could not keep that little boy away but everything got sorted out.  yay for efficient government offices. . . 

Baby girl is rocking tummy time! This is a huge deal because before she would get so frustrated and scream because she wanted to move but couldn't.  She also loves to "roar" back and forth with her daddy.  Watching the two of them plays melts my heart.  Maybe that's why she is such a happy baby, because she has so much fun with her daddy! 

Here's a little reminder for your week, don't forget to smile and be happy :)

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