Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Seven Days in Paradise!

We had a lot of fun with our friends and family at the luncheon!  When it was over I was expecting to go back to our apartment in Provo but Keiton being the sneaky romantic that he is had a few surprises up his sleeve.  When we got in the car he asked if I wanted to go on an adventure, to fly to Neverland and that's when the adventures started!

We ended up in Midway (our favorite town) where we stayed in a really nice resort!

The next morning we left super early to fly to California! Where we spent a week in paradise and had SO much fun!

We hopped off the plane at LAX!  We stayed in Longbeach before we got on our cruise!

We went on a four day Carnival cruise! It was four days of all you can eat everything, sun, laughs, and so much fun! We got to be adventurous and try shark, alligator, frog legs and snails-- surprisingly we loved all of it. We got to spend a day on Catalina Island where we rented a golf cart and rode all around the island and down to the beach!

Then we got to spend a day at Ensenada Mexico.  We got authentic Mexican tacos, SO GOOD!! When we were walking around all the vendors kept yelling out "Hey! we have a BYU discount!" or "Hey we're friends of Mormons- 50% off"  We thought it was so funny they could just look at us and know we are LDS, maybe it is the fact we were dressed modestly or the fact that two young kids were on their honeymoon.  My favorite was our tour guide, as soon as he saw us he said "newlyweds?" "Yep!" "Utah?" "haha yeah!" and then he asked "how many kids do you want?" haha I joked around and said "at least 9 or 10" then we were best friends with Alejandro the rest of the trip! 

After we had eaten all the cruise had to offer we got off and spent a relaxing day in Longbeach and the magic continued when the next day we went to DISNEYLAND!! 

Being in the happiest place on earth with my prince charming was the most magical Disney experience EVER!! 

The 60th celebration was AMAZING! Diamonds everywhere, electric parade, World of Color, and the fireworks!

Our week in California was a blast, it was the best week EVER! There were no stresses just me and my best friend laughing so hard and living the dream! It was a week of bliss and we are loving living out our happily ever after together!!

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  1. You two are the cutest. I cant get over it! I'm so glad you guys had a blast. it looks like so much fun!