Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our Best Day EVER!

People always say to enjoy everything that goes on during your wedding and just soak it in because something is bound to go wrong.  .  . I thought that was a myth.  Especially with how great our day started I thought we could avoid the calamities that supposedly always happen.  So our day was off to a great start, Keiton found out he passed his language exemption text and got 16 credits of Lithuanian for his transcript, blessings of working hard on a mission!!  I interviewed at the BYU preschool and found out that I got the job!!  So we were so happy and off to a good start!

Luckily our only wobbles happened before the reception started.  They were little things like: my earring wouldn't go into my ear because my ear had closed over so, my cousin Whitney put her cold hands on my ear and numbed them as she repierced my ear (successful parent trap moment):  one of the bridesmaids was really late, delaying all of the pictures, finally she came and we had to change the location of the pictures because of time, we also took groomsmen pictures without Keiton's brother-in-law, and started the line without his dad. . .

However, the reception itself was absolutely perfect! Everything was exactly what I always dreamed it would be!  Flowers, lights, pictures, maple bars, purple everywhere, beautiful cake, dancing, and lots of good treats (too bad we never got to taste any).  It was a blast to share the night with our friends and family  and we are so grateful for those that came! We definitely are blessed with amazing people in our lives :)

It was a surprise when we walked out and saw how Keiton's brothers, the groomsmen and brdiesmaids trashed our car.  We got to clean that mess in the pouring rain and poor Keit was cleaning the inside until 1:30 in the morning :/

That made our early morning come really fast and before I knew it there was a knock on our door.  My heart started to race as I opened it and saw Keiton standing there with a huge smile o his face!  With that we were off to the temple! It was perfect! Every single minute of it.  Being in the temple surrounded by our closest friends and family was one of the most incredible experiences ever.  It was the most beautiful moment of my life and it made absolutely everything leading up to that moment worth it!  We became official for all time and eternity <3 together forever!!! I am so grateful for the gospel and that I have the amazing opportunity to be with my best friend FOREVER!!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! You both look amazing and sooooo happy! Congrats gorgeous!