Friday, December 9, 2016


Ok. Ok. I am super late to write about L's first Thanksgiving. . . BUT between L's sleep regression and the last few days of school we have been walking around like stressed out zombies!  After another night of battling baby girl to get to sleep, then proceeding to wake up every 3ish hours, I really needed to reflect on our week in paradise for the motivation to make it through this busy day!  

This is what the PERFECT week consisted of. . . 

Tahiti Village! Honestly this is the coolest place ever! A little slice of paradise on Las Vegas BLVD down just a bit from the strip. 

I'll take floating the lazy river and drinking pina coladas by the pool over the snow any day!  


The perfect study partner <3 And by study partner I mean napping buddy.

"Toes in the water. . . (feet) in the sand, not a care in the world"  

Date night on the Strip! Keiton and I LOVED walking New York NewYork, Excalibur and Caesars Palace.  

 AMAZING desserts from Carlos Bakery and Shake Shack!!

Food is essential to the perfect week!

Shopping! The outlet malls were right across the street from our condo so we might have walked over there a few times ;) 
*Disclaimer- this all of the Monroe's stuff, Keiton and I didn't go that crazy in Vegas 

AAAANNNNDDDD THIS GUY! He's really all I need for the perfect week but it was nice to get him all to myself and not have to share him with work and school!

 When can we do this again??

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