Sunday, September 18, 2016

One Month!

Ok. Ok. A good friend of mine reprimanded me for not ever updating my blog.  My argument was who has time for that?! She was very persuasive and I realized that time is FLYING by!  Baby L is now 4 weeks old! I don't want to forget anything so I promised my friend that I would start using our blog as a way to document pictures, memories and thoughts each week.  So let's see how long this will last with a busy schedule of school, work, and never wanting to put my baby down (she is so cuddly <3).

Baby girl was born 4 weeks ago and our world was turned completely upside down, in the best way possible.  Now little things like showering, running to the store "really quick", even seeing my husband have become a little more difficult.  Baby L was born and pretty soon after we started school, which meant Keiton's first semester in the BYU business school, which means finance is taking over our lives.  On Tuesday's family dinner has become Baby and I driving down to BYU, bringing Keiton dinner and eating in the parking lot during his one hour break.  We don't have time to go on dates during the week anymore, mostly because by the time we are both home, we are never awake at the same time- we take sleep whenever, wherever we can!  Our dates now consist of early morning driving dates as we drop off Baby L at my mom's house before school and phone dates when Keiton is driving from school to work.  It's a little hectic but so far it has worked out perfectly, besides life would be boring without the chaos.

One month ago we fell in love with that beautiful little face.  I have never felt so much love in my life, especially when my husband is kissing her cheek or rocking her to sleep (best dad ever award) <3 My sister asked "how is it possible to love that you just met SO MUCH??"  But looking into that happy face how could you not?!
Eat. Sleep. Poop. Smile. Repeat.  This child love to eat and sleep (we really understand each other) and a lot of the time she has a big smile on her face! She loves to be cuddled!  Now she sleeps about 5-6 hours through the night (knock on wood that continues) in fact the hardest part about the night is the battle it is to get her to go to sleep.  She has serious FOMO, and because of that she has a tough time going to bed unless we rock her.  She is a huge fan of bath time and music!  Not only did I give her the "Monroe chunky cheeks" but I also passed on my hatred of being cold.  The only times she really cries are when she is cold or hungry.  She is now 9 pounds 14 oz, 21 3/8 inches long.  She is a dream and we just love her to pieces!! 

Sure we are tired. . .very very tired.  But life with Baby L is the most happy we have ever been!  I am just SO grateful that families are forever because these two are my world!! <3

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